Web Empowered Database Administration
Potentials in Web Empowered Database Administration

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Exploring Web-to-Database Interfaces

Database administration is a vital component in global enterprise ecommerce solutions, therefore Web empowerment of database administration can vastly augment and facilitate an organization's ability to respond instantaneously to real-time challenges latent within this e-industry venue thus greatly improving prospects for achieving business success.

Transactions in an enterprise Web paradigm can exceed peaking thresholds at unpredictable frequencies thus demand scaling a commercial site real-time to meet critical access bandwidth requirements, bringing standby application servers online in round-robin configuration to buffer client requests. With the appropriate database application suites properly programmed and configured all the aforementioned can be gracefully accommodated insuring minimal throughput lose while being totally transparent to online clients.

Web Centric SQL Environment:
Supports high volume concurrent multi-client access
Transactional rollback with robust fault tolerance
Non-Proprietary, broadly supported, easily portable

ColdFusion MX Application Development:
Scalability to meet enterprise requirements
Advantage from Adobe/macromedia synergy

(Online HVAC Quotes) A Case Study:
Full design cycle for a mature Web App
Twelve months of Usage Statistics

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